The CMU IVCF Discord Server is our main communication channel, and definitely worth joining if you would like to be involved. Signing up is quick and easy - just go to to login or register! If you have problems getting in, please contact Jasmine Zeng or Joseph Chan

To reach out directly, feel free to send us an email at

For updates via email, join our mailing list! We generally send one email each week. Also, follow us on Instagram!


InterVarsity invites you to get connected to a local church! Our members come from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. As such, the churches we attend are very diverse! From the formal to the casual, the big to the small, the modern to the traditional, and even from the early birds to the night owls, whatever sort of church you seek, we’ll gladly help you find one in which you can joyfully serve. Below is a list of churches that we know are nearby, many of which have been or are currently attended by students involved with our chapter. Please reach out in person or by emailing us at if you are looking for someone to go with and we will do our best to put you in touch with a regular attender.

  • Church of the Ascension
  • City Reformed Presbyterian
  • Korean Central Church of Pittsburgh
  • Saint Paul Cathedral
  • Oakland International Fellowship
  • Northway
  • Bellefield Presbyterian
  • Eastminster Presbyterian
  • First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh
  • First Trinity Evangelical-Lutheran Church
  • Grace Community Church
  • Grace Orthodox Presbyterian
  • Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Church
  • Korean United Presbyterian Church
  • Mt. Ararat Baptist
  • Newman Center Chapel
  • North Way Oakland


InterVarsity at CMU is a part of CMU's Inter-Fellowship Association (IFA), which is the union of all the Christian fellowships on campus. The groups are all united together to glorify God, but we each do it a little differently, so feel free to check out our fellow fellowships on IFA's website!

While you are welcome to join the undergraduate chapter (we have some graduate students in our ranks too), InterVarsity also has a specifically graduate chapter. If you are interested in joining the graduate chapter, please contact Kathy McCready.