Large Group

Large group is a weekly event where all of the small groups gather in one place to worship God through music, know Him better through scripture, have fellowship with one another, and be ignited and uplifted by the Holy Spirit. Large Group is a time of community, to meet God together as one body, in one accord. After Large Group, it is an InterVarsity tradition to get dinner together afterwards and socialize. Come join us, and bring friends!

For Large Group this semester, we will be running the Alpha Series. The series involves weekly meetings with food, an engaging video and an open discussion about life and faith. Participants are free to disagree with content of the video, and a healthy open discussion will ensue.

Alpha needs your friends for it to be most meaningful! We ask that you prayerfully think about which friends you could possibly invite to Alpha, and to commit them in prayer.


DH 1211
Fridays, 6:00 pm — 7:45 pm

*Check the Discord for any last minute changes